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Navigating our daily lives, both what we chose to follow and have discarded have inspired and negated the directions we’ve taken and where we will head. My practice explores this navigation between want and need in contemporary society and the place in which we reside between them. Our predisposition and intuition for decision-making are both informed and directed by our individual experiences. It’s these associations we attach to images that trigger unexpected reflection at times amidst our everyday routine.


The narrative of my work is constantly in transition — a reflection of the opportunities, decisions and the temporal experiences translated into form, composition, and colour. The weaving of these elements through an expanded view of painting and mixed media installations becomes reflective of the present balance we find ourselves. They are created with the consequential same sense of decision making as waking up in the morning and the abstracted surprise of what will follow. Constructed of endless combinations to become a distinctly individual permutation of a desired feeling, divergent path or alternate future they are the culmination of a myriad of decisions and inclinations for which have guided us all to our individual present state of now and beyond.


These artworks form a language of associations of my gaze, remnants from previous bodies of works spanning my 6-year practice are reformed and composed through layering and coarse stitching that deliberately hark to the physical process of forming these new-collaged pieces. Layered from the remnants of different time periods of my painting practice, abstracted digital collages of daily interactions combined with found materials, reflections and thick layers of gestural translucent ambiguity, the works are a culmination of lived decisions to date. Offering a space to reflect on our temporal usage of time; the in-between, the unnotable moments of transition and commute, intimately subjective and often too unworthy and ‘unhashtagable’ to ever be broadcast to the world.


Sam Holt is a Berlin-based Australian emerging artist. He completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts at SCA, Sydney in 2017, including an exchange at the Universität der Künste, Berlin. He is represented by Artereal Gallery, Sydney where his work has been exhibited in numerous prizes and exhibitions and is held in prominent Public and Private collections both in Australia & Internationally. Most recently awarded the Marten Bequest Travelling Scholarship for Painting in 2017, for which he’s used setting up his practice now in Berlin.