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Navigating our daily lives, both the paths that we choose and those that we reject

inspire the directions we've taken and where we will head. My practice explores

the intersection between our constructed values and how they permeate our

relationship with time.

Since I can remember I’ve felt different, different in the way I observed life from

others, as if observing from a different objective. I guess I could use some salmon

swimming against the stream analogy, but it’s more I feel like one of those

interesting black googly eyed fish, that was too busy looking he wasn’t concerned

for the direction of the stream or where the rest of the salmon were swimming, he

just was interested by something. I’m interested in these paths, corporate ladders

or for a lot of others that don’t fit the mould side-ways and up and down jungle

gyms. I’m interested in the intrigue we have on those paths and whether we are

focused for what lays at the end or the spring of the next step. While most

recently it’s been brought to my attention that it’s quite possibly a symptom of

having ADHD, it is however my lens, my lens cultivated through curiosity,

disappointment, environment, experience and feeling. It is with looking through

my lens that my practice stems and it’s the value I perceive in it’s individuality

that excites the curiosity I have to view through, understand and interrogate the

unique lenses we all view the world.

Exploring the way we think as individuals, the creative processes by which I

construct my artwork acts as a metaphor for the process by which

we individually try to achieve our own sense of equilibrium. My decision making

as an artist mirrors the way in which we all navigate through compromise to

achieve our own understanding of happiness and contentment. Working through

leftover scraps of raw linen, printmaking, sculpture and abandoned

experimentation I had accumulated to date in my practice evoked the memories

of self-doubt and inspired self-discovery over the years. Compositionally placing

and sewing piece by piece the patchwork, my decision making formed not only

an abstract history but a new road map with unexpected turns I couldn’t foresee,

but only now could understand their significance looking back.

Often too busy to see we find ourselves caught up in the rut of everyday life, yet I

noticed looking back these unexpected turns of inspiration or experimentation

always occurred from an unexpected intrigue for which I chose to explore. My

work since I can remember has always been concerned with this act of looking

and being engaged with an inner moment of intrigue and investigation for which

I am now only coming to understand.

Sam Holt is a Sydney based Australian emerging artist. He completed a Bachelor

of Visual Arts at SCA, Sydney in 2017, including an exchange at the Universität

der Künste, Berlin. Awarded the Marten Bequest Travelling Scholarship for

Painting in 2017, he once again moved to explore opportunities in Berlin only

recently returning in late 2019 to Sydney. He is represented by Artereal Gallery,

Sydney where his work has been exhibited in numerous prizes and exhibitions

and is held in prominent Public and Private collections both in Australia &