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I'm always grateful for the thought, time and support that goes into these articles.
So a sincere thanks to everyone that has made these possible over the years and please get in touch if you want to have a chat.



FAMA, short for 'Fuck Advertising Make Art,' or 'Forget Advertising Make Art' for those easily offended, or 'Fish Astronauts Mimicking Alligators' for those with a zero tolerance, is a project to showcase the real talent in advertising.

We want to tell their stories, collaborate with them on projects, and create a network of likeminded creative people.


Lucifers Monocle

Lucifer's Monocle is a project bringing together about fifteen writers, artists, photographers, musicians and designers. It's part magazine, part blog, part insert-alternate-purpose-here.

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On Broadsheet you’ll find daily coverage of the most talked-about openings and big-ticket events alongside the emerging, the lesser-known, and the people, businesses and movements that may have been overlooked, but are no less worthy of your attention.



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Yen Mag

YEN magazine launched in 2002 in Australia and offers a unique and refreshing alternative for switched-on young women who want more than just celebrity gossip, weight loss tips and relationship advice. It has redefined expectations of what a women’s magazine should be, presenting important issues and encouraging positive action, as well as showcasing fashion, entertainment and beauty.


This Island LIfe

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Artist profile

Artist Profile is a quarterly journal of in-depth and exclusive interviews with contemporary visual artists